This portal was created initially as a need to organize my stamps inherited and know them a little better. With my experience in creating other portals as decided that the best thing is to create a space where I can share my stamps and get more information about them and also give others the opportunity to upload their stamp collectors in order to create a philatelic community.

In early 2007, comes out the first version of stamps the world with a part of my collection of stamps and start to record the first users. In late 2008 and more than 15,000 stamps in 2009 60,000 stamps, 2010 130,00 stamps and today it has exceeded 500,000 stamps and 4,000 collectors.

The result of this success decided to create in late 2012 where one subportal numismatic collectors also can present their coins and bills.

This space is a special initiative nonprofit. The advertising on the portal serves to cover maintenance costs.

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